Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake

posted by Jaden on March 5, 2018

Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake

I know…you’re all wondering….

What an elegant dessert….
a souffle, perhaps?
molten chocolate center?
did it take hours to make?

I am pleased to present to you, my Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake.  Never before in the history of desserts has there ever been such an luscious cake that is this good for your inner chocoholic self.

Yes. you heard me right. Not just “low fat” “low calorie” or even “no calorie”

Its NEGATIVE CALORIE.  Meaning, you earn credits for eating this dessert.

So, what makes this cake negative calorie?  Well first off, I made it with a Betty Crocker boxed cake mix, replaced the 1/2 cup of oil with a banana, and cooked it in the microwave for 5 minutes in a ramekin.

One night this week…oh…right around 9:00pm….when no one is watching…you are going to try this cake.  You’re asking yourself if this Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake from Betty C. tastes as delicious, luscious, moist and rich as it looks. Here’s your answer:

Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake

But..but…but….how do you get negative calories with that??

Ok. brace yourselves.  Try to follow along now:

Betty Crocker Calories per serving 280
Replace the oil with a banana -40
Saving oven energy and using microwave instead -86
Saving time (10 minutes in micro vs. 40 in the oven) -43
Not having to look up a fancy recipe -05
For using up the ripe smushy banana – instead of tossing it -32
For not having to use your electric mixer – mixing by hand burns calories -47
For pleasing your inner “Instant Grat-Brat” (I want cake NOW!) -10
For being so clever – who else would combine BettyC+banana+micro ? -23
For using something very healthy and full of antioxidants (reduced Pomegranate Juice) -28
For…um….just because I said so -8
Grand Total -32

Can you see me on late-night infomercials pushing my Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake Diet???

Move over Atkins…here comes something steamy-er….

In case you don’t have ramekins, just pour in a 9×11-ish glass Pyrex pan (something microwave safe please) until batter reaches half way up the sides.  Microwave for 11 minutes medium-high, check for doneness. Cut into nice squares and enjoy.

Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake

Other ideas that you can try

-drop a big chunk-o-chocolate in the middle of batter in each ramekin (will it turn into a molten chocolate cake?)
-add raspberries to batter
-applesauce instead of banana? One of our readers, Renee, suggested adding 1T oil to applesauce to keep moist

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I always make this with Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix Dark Chocolate (the one with a Hershey’s logo on it). I’m sure it will taste just as good with other brands of cake mix, but this is my preference. The ingredients below are based on the back of the box (with the exception of the banana) If you use a different brand of cake mix, follow their instructions for ingredients, replacing the banana for the oil or butter. Of course, if you aren’t on a diet – ditch the banana idea and just use the oil/butter as the recipe calls for. 

Note on the banana: It should be a super-ripe brownish banana…like in the photo above. If you don’t have a super ripe banana and can’t wait – just use the oil/butter…the recipe just won’t work well with a firm, yellow banana. 

Note on the microwave times: Each microwave is different. Use the times I have below and test with toothpick. Just note your final time so that you won’t have to check for doneness next time. 

You’ll need about 4-6 small, individual serving sized ramekins.

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: American

Servings: 6 people

Author: Jaden

  • 1 box Betty Crocker SuperMoist Cake Mix Dark Chocolate
  • 1 very ripe banana smushed well with a fork
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/3 cups water
  • Cooking spray to spray the ramekins

  1. In large bowl, mixed together the smushed banana, eggs and water. Whisk until combined.

  2. Stir in cake mix – stir vigorously for a couple of minutes until well mixed.

  3. Spray ramekins with cooking spray. Pour batter into ramekins up to 2/3 full.

  4. Every microwave is different – here are some guidelines:

  5. -For 2 ramekins: microwave on MEDIUM-HIGH (I set my microwave on power strength 8 ) for 5 minutes

    -For 3-4 ramekins: 6 minutes

    -For 5-6 ramekins: 7 minutes

  6. Check with toothpick to see if cake is done. Mushy cake mix stuck to toothpick? Add another 30 seconds. Cake crumbs on toothpick? Done.

  7. Top with warm chocolate sauce, reduced pomegranate juice, fresh raspberries or a sprinkling of powdered sugar (or all of the above!)


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