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In 47 days, Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant & Unfussy New Favorites, my second cookbook, the one it took me five years to write so I’m definitely not freaking out about any of this at all, nope nope nope, will be ready to meet the world. And today, I have four awesome things to share in advance of its big day.

Cookbook Trailer! We made a video to celebrate the book — right in the middle of my kitchen. Everyone had a job (even Jacob and Anna) and I hope it is as fun to watch as it was to make.

Custom Inscribed Books! While you can already pre-order your copy of the cookbook from pretty much any bookstore you love (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more), you can now pre-order signed books too through The Strand, a beloved bookstore in my neighborhood. When you order, you’ll have option of requesting a word-for-word personalized inscription, you know, like:

• “Happy Birthday Dad! You can pick your cake from here.”
• Or “If you do the dishes, I’ll make us the chicken soup on p. 112” [actually this is a text I just sent my husband]• Or something funnier, like the person last time that had me taunt her sister with “Deb just told me that I was her favorite and not you.” [Of course I did it. I, too, am a sister.]

I will inscribe these books before the release date so that they’ll still get to you on 10/24.

Pre-Order A Custom Inscribed Cookbook:
Strand Books

A New UK Publication Date + Thank You Gift: The UK publisher of Smitten Kitchen Every Day is bringing forward their publication date to 7 December so that it is available before the holidays. To celebrate this, if you send them a screenshot of your UK pre-order confirmation (making sure to blank out any personal or payment details), they will send you a big thank you in the form of a printed recipe card for sweet treat that we couldn’t fit into the book. Just get in touch with them within the next two weeks (end date September 21) in one of the following ways:
• Tweet them: @PegsSquare
• Tag them in an Instagram post: @squarepegbooks
• Email them:

Pre-Order U.K. Edition:
Amazon U.K. | Waterstone’s

A Book Tour! This week, this site turns 11 years ago. And while the over 270K (!) comments on nearly 1200 recipes will always be my favorite part of the site, do you know what’s even more fun? Hanging out in person. This fall, we’re going to have a lot of chances on THE SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY BOOK TOUR.

The image above will take you to the BOOK TOUR + EVENTS page with all the time and place details. We’ll be adding a few more cities and events to the lineup after Thanksgiving – Minneapolis, Nashville, Denver, Atlanta, Montreal, and another New York City event among them – so check back for additional details in the coming weeks. I hope we finally get a chance to meet.


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