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Steamed Green Beans in the Microwave

posted by Steamy Kitchen How to steam green beans in the microwave in just under 10 minutes!  Steamed green beans are so easy to make, especially in the microwave. I like to use this recipe on nights when I need a simple side dish or appetizer. It only takes some …

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green beans with almond pesto

Just when I thought if my appetite ennui became any more listless I might have to change lines of work, the greatest thing happened: I ran out of space. I mean, I am fully At Capacity right now with baby, there is literally not another inch of my midsection that …

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red bean and green grain taco bowl

I swear, this wholesome-looking meal isn’t penance for anything. It’s not a budget-friendly apology for the frenetic unplanned redecorating project or atonement for the fact that I’ve basically only wanted to eat chocolate, peanut butter, bread and pasta for the last 22 weeks. It’s not compensation for the frosting that …

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