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Steamed Green Beans in the Microwave

posted by Steamy Kitchen How to steam green beans in the microwave in just under 10 minutes!  Steamed green beans are so easy to make, especially in the microwave. I like to use this recipe on nights when I need a simple side dish or appetizer. It only takes some …

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garlic wine and butter steamed clams

One of my favorite things — although, honestly, it’s not easy to choose — we ate in Portugal was small clams cooked in a garlic wine sauce, usually with cilantro and always only eaten with bread, which I learned when we went to one of those* restaurants on the beach …

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Chinese Steamed Buns

This Chinese Steamed Buns Recipe features: Simple dough that can be used for many different Chinese steamed buns Step by step photos to show you exactly how to make the buns How to prevent the buns from splitting apart too soon Tips to get your buns smooth, white and puffy A …

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